Words have POWER

Video Summary: The Power of Words In our lives, we often say things without realizing the impact they can have on others. Here is a real-life example from my own experience: I was facilitating a leadership course for executives, and during one exercise, I asked participants to reflect on the things that made them unique […]

Taking a walk to the edge…

In our lives, as we are growing up and maturing, a vast many of us are taught and learn to take care of others before ourselves. For me I have always looked to take care of the people around me. This came to me as part of my experience growing up in South Africa, where I saw people treated differently, to the extreme. For me this was confusing and stressful, as most of the people closest to me were treated differently, treated badly…

RealSolutions: Capax World Agri-Communities

Manzimvula is working in several partnerships establishing RealSolutions™ to real world problems, to support impact projects in multiple countries where needs have been clearly identified. One project of note is our work in partnership with Capax World to design and develop Agri-Communities to be implemented in Cambodia by Capax World and its partners