The POWER of BEING human is that we are each given the GIFT of free will – the power to make choices. The choices we make impact and mold our circumstance. By teaching others how to make choices for themselves they can define and shape their lives, how they AND, their environment, and their communities and culture grow.


Manzimvula’s purpose is to empower people in their careers and create nourishing environments for organizations to thrive. Establishing a values-based approach has much farther reaching ramifications and can do substantially more good than the old measures of wealth-based economies.

The phenomenal success of previous models indicates there is inherent value in this approach and we believe it will become the common approach to business management and organizational growth in the near future. The inclusive nature of Manzimvula strategies is the cornerstone for empowerment and success for all our clients.

We are proud of our achievements but do not stop aspiring to greater achievements. Manzimvula is committed to playing a key role in the South African experience and contributing to Africa’s future developments. For more information, go to: My Arms Wide Open.