We place enormous value on our relationships with our clients. Their trust is fundamental to our work together, and our collaborations unveil the
strategies and approaches that will drive their success.

For each client assignment, we structure the right team for their specific challenges. We are effective because we unite our skills and approach with their specific knowledge of their context. The experience of
the integrated Manzimvula and client team drives breakthrough results.


  • Warren Te Brugge, Founder & CEO
  • Stephan Adelman, President, CSR Initiatives
  • BJ Choi, Partner
  • Monica Balbontin, Partner
  • Kimberly Isherwood-Te Brugge, Partner
  • Kyle Te Brugge, Associate


Founder Warren Te Brugge grew up in South Africa, where the acacia tree is an icon of strength and life. Like its roots, our Guiding Principles—whose first letters
spell out ‘ACACIA’—nurture and support our approach:

Altruistic: We are in the consulting business—helping is our service. Our purpose is to put the needs and ambitions of those we serve unselfishly at the foundation of all our relationships. We encourage clients to make their own positive and lasting impact.

Connectedness: Bringing people of communities or business together, Manzimvula consults on every project by looking beyond the boundaries that seem to exist within traditional organizational structures or social norms and connect individuals and knowledge toget
her by recognizing the common threads in the greater whole and affecting change.

Our clients work with us to create collaborative and supportive networks,
uniting diverse skills, disparate cultures and dynamic operations in a strategic framework that encourages change—the single greatest management challenge for today’s business leaders.

Aspiring: We strive to listen with our senses wide open and deliver back valuable consulting services that effectively empower passion in individuals
and organizations to pursue their desired goals or objectives.

Caring: One Love, One heart. Our love for all individuals and their right to free will fuels our purpose and ensures our compassion.

Innovative: We use our global expertise, veteran leadership abilities and our business intuition to create
unique solutions to our clients’ challenges.

Acceptance: We commit to respect all human beings equally, regardless of culture, race or religion. We will willingly embrace everyone’s unique abilities, strengths and character and hold all our relationships in the highest honour.