Stephen’s pioneering spirit and experience as a perennial and seasoned entrepreneur and businessperson proves valuable in assessing situations and bringing the future forward when working with complex organizations.

Combining an approach that includes attention to detail, a strong facility for listening and creative thinking enables Stephen to gain insight and understand multiple perspectives to create solutions that add value at multiple levels in the organization. His experience across a broad range of sectors including the software manufacturing, internet technology, telecom, licensing, sales, marketing and entertainment industries have seasoned him as a business executive capable of handling multiple tasks concurrently and producing measurable results.

Stephen has amassed a wide network of diverse professional leaders and pioneers that spans across many industries that has enabled Stephen to attract a variety of talent to work with him on an array of projects.

As a community minded and passionate individual, Stephen served as the Vice-President of the Special Californian’s Foundation which was responsible for providing homes and care for the physically and mentally challenged and currently serves to create awareness in support of the projects for the My Arms Wide Open Foundation.

With an undergrad in Sociology and Philosophy Stephen is schooled in Law, and graduated from the University of Ottawa.