Global Perspective. Personal Approach.

For more than two decades, on three continents, BJ Choi has delivered a distinctly human approach to business development and growth in international markets. BJ brings together numerous management functions, in an interdisciplinary approach. His particular expertise lies in the implementation of strategic, sales and marketing, general management and new business development initiatives.

Three factors have been consistent throughout BJ’s career: First, at each opportunity, he has accelerated sales success. Both personally and through his effective team management, BJ has repeatedly posted groundbreaking performance in sales and sales management. Delivering similar performance increases for our consulting clients
is but one of the valuable contributions BJ is making at Manzimvula.

Second, BJ’s career has consistently required him to think beyond international boundaries, designing and development business opportunities and practices in the broader regional and international context. This wide-reaching perspective opens operational planning and development to abundant new opportunities, pointing the way to growth.

And third, BJ keeps a steady eye on project implementation—applying strategy in efficient, effective rollouts. There’s an invaluable connection in BJ’s work between strategic ‘blue ocean’ thinking and the specific constraints and requirements of the organizational context. By holding both perspectives, BJ inspires big thinking, while also moving incrementally toward success.