Access to information and the ability to communicate at will should be considered as basic human rights for all Canadians, regardless of their social status or ability to pay. As a social enterprise, Talk2One Ltd. is bridging this “digital divide” by providing all its members, many on social assistance or at risk, a secure voice mail box that can never be cut off for non-payment, an hour of long distance time each month to call anywhere in North America and access to social-based information on demand that allows members to make
informed decisions that affect their lives – all at no charge.

The Talk2One service is designed to aid someone willing to work but with no reliable phone, the single parent torn between paying for a phone or buying groceries, women and youth at risk needing a reliable method of communicating with their support groups, or
those who simply need to maintain contact with family and friends.

Talk2One uses the existing telecommunications infrastructure coupled with proprietary management software that allows the system to be tailored for a variety of social–based applications. In particular the Talk2One service reduces workloads and increases the reach of social service agencies trying to stay connected to their ”hard to serve” clients and can be
deployed in any region where there is a high speed internet connectivity.