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Arizona State University: GlobalResolve Impact

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Warren Te Brugge joins the Advisory Board and Mentor Program for Arizona State University: GlobalResolve Impact

Vancouver, BC, September 17th, 2012 - Warren Te Brugge joins the Advisory Board and the Mentor Team for ASU GlobalResovle Impact

GlobalResolve is a social entrepreneurship program in the College of Technology and Innovation at ASU's Polytech campus and is the centerpiece of a curriculum on global development. The GlobalResove program teams partner with underdeveloped communities and organizations to reduce poverty and empower residents to improve their quality of life.  GlobalResolve helps solve problems of poverty, water, energy, agriculture and health using transdisciplinary student and faculty teams.

Organizational Change: Collaborative Sustainable Community Development Model™

Manzimvula’s® Collaborative Community Development Model™ (CSCDM) is a comprehensive, integrated and phased approach to Community Development, originally developed with a focus in the extractive industry. The organizational piece of the program is used to address organizational change at a corporate level in any industry, enabling organizations to engage their employees and their broader organizational community more effectively and at a deeper level.

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